Stephen W. Whiting

Stephen W. Whiting is an attorney who has prevailed in many cases and saved millions of dollars for his clients. Mr. Whiting has a proven track record of putting his clients in positions of strength and obtaining optimal resolutions. His practice focuses on business law and real estate law.

Mr. Whiting judges his success as an attorney by the results he gets for his clients. The results for his clients have been impressive:

On one occasion, Mr. Whiting was retained by a defendant who had already lost his case, despite having received reputable representation. Mr. Whiting was able to stay the current judgment and get a new trial. At the new trial, Mr. Whiting convinced the opposing party’s expert witness to switch positions while on the witness stand. The court immediately dismissed the case based on the expert’s new testimony.

Mr. Whiting also prevailed in a case before the Utah Court of Appeals which had substantial consequences for second mortgages and junior encumbrances ( Prevailing in this case both helped Mr. Whiting’s client and incentivized financial institutions to lend money in the State of Utah.

Although he has a fantastic record in litigation, Mr. Whiting has been equally successful in cases in which he helped negotiate resolutions. In one such case, a family was divided by a monetary dispute, a destroyed home, and a series of spiteful allegations. While a judgment would have temporarily decided many of the issues, Mr. Whiting pushed for a resolution outside of court. Using a third-party to expand the available options, Mr. Whiting was able to steer the parties toward a resolution which fostered amicable relations for the future.

Mr. Whiting was raised in the Chicago area as part of a wonderfully diverse family with four nationalities living under one roof. In his free time, Mr. Whiting tries to spend as much time with friends and family as possible.