Land Use & Zoning

Land Use and Zoning

Land use and zoning laws deal with the right of government entities to control how private property is used. The state empowers county and city governments to pass zoning ordinances and prescribe where different types of land use may occur, such as building housing, shopping, and commercial offices. The general idea is to protect the health safety and welfare of the citizenry as a whole. However, since the proper way to accomplish that goal can and is debated, and the government decisions concerning land use and zoning can have a substantial impact on the finances of individuals and companies alike, these issues can be hotly contested.

Common Land Use and Zoning Issues

Land developers experience the effects of land use and zoning decisions on a daily basis. For other citizens, they may not encounter the use of these government powers until they try to make improvements to a home or change how a property is used, such as by creating an accessory apartment.

Regardless of whether you need regular assistance with development issues or need to understand your rights on only a single issue, the attorneys at Whiting & Jardine can assist you to determine your rights and make sure the government deals with you in an appropriate manner.

Handling Land Use and Zoning Issues

Land use and zoning requirements are created by statutes and ordinances. That is the first place to begin when seeking to understand a property owners rights on a particular piece of real estate. Additionally, government entities must apply the ordinances fairly. Ensuring this takes place may require the assistance of a skilled attorney. The attorneys of Whiting & Jardine have the skills and experience necessary to navigate the many issues that exist with land use and zoning.