Breach of Contract Litigation

Breach of Contract Litigation

Breach of contract litigation involves rights and responsibilities that were agreed upon by two or more parties. It includes oral, written, and implied contracts. In essence, a contract creates private law between two or more parties. In breach of contract litigation, one or more parties claim that another party failed to adhere to that private law.

Common Breach of Contract Litigation Issues

Breach of contract lawsuits are the most common civil lawsuits. Breach of contract litigation includes most debt collection, business, and real estate disputes. Other legal issues are often tied to breach of contract litigation, but the breach of contract portions of a case are often the simplest portions to resolve. Most breach of contract issues come down to simply determining whether a party performed the obligations set forth in the contract at issue.

Handling Breach of Contract Litigation Issues

Before a lawsuit is filed, we review contracts to see what rights and obligations they give our clients to resolve their issues. Some contracts contain alternative dispute resolution provisions that set forth particular procedures that must be followed to enforce a contract. Other provisions may afford options to cure all or part of a breach by another party.