Experienced Counsel

For most people, legal issues are frightening – in large part because the law and legal process are unfamiliar. You can attain peace of mind by hiring experienced counsel that understands the legal process and can recommend the best course of action. The attorneys at Whiting & Jardine have successfully navigated clients through the maze of multi-million dollar litigation, numerous trials, and the appellate process.

Personal Service

At Whiting & Jardine, we believe that clients should have direct access to the attorneys who actually work on their file. The attorneys at Whiting & Jardine take the time to explain issues to their clients so their clients can understand both the strengths and weaknesses of their cases and the process by which their cases will be resolved. Our goal is to provide the quality of work generally associated with large law firms while maintaining the more personal attorney-client relationships generally found at small law offices.

Successful Litigators

The attorneys at Whiting & Jardine regularly argue and prevail in the courtroom. While the vast majority of legal matters are resolved prior to trial, having attorneys with a track record of success in the courtroom enables Whiting & Jardine to put its clients in positions of strength and to obtain excellent results outside of trial. When an amicable or summary resolution cannot be reached, clients, courts, and opposing parties know that the attorneys at Whiting & Jardine will effectively argue for their clients.

Results Matter

Hire an Expert in Business
and Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Whiting & Jardine have prevailed in over a thousand cases, both obtaining judgments for and saving their clients millions of dollars. They are experts in Utah business and real estate law.

Whiting & Jardine was founded on the idea that clients' lives should be improved by working with our attorneys. Great law firms are those which can both negotiate and litigate and know when each is appropriate. Some firms litigate everything, running up fees on their clients and wasting inordinate amounts of time. The converse, the negotiator afraid to litigate, also wastes time and increases fees while leaving the client feeling helpless and without results. At Whiting & Jardine, we take a business-like approach. Our goal is to maximize each client's return, given the time and means available for each legal effort.

When results matter, clients turn to Whiting & Jardine to get the help they need.

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Results Matter